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If you feel like you must say something before doing so, try: “I asked you to help a grieving widow sort through her husband’s possessions.

In exchange you’ve received valuable electronics, camping supplies, and cash.

Do not blame yourself for his aggressive yet low-stakes jerkassery—the behavior you’ve described is jaw-dropping, and it sounds like you had no idea he would be so boorish, so unhelpful, and so belligerently selfish.

Dear Prudence, I’m a 28-year-old woman in a healthy, long-term relationship with a man I love dearly.

Being short on time (and hands), I called an ex-boyfriend with whom I’ve remained friendly to help.

And while we are at it, how can I be better at picking men?

I am horrified and astonished that you are still asking for more.

Please do not contact me again.” This is not a question of appropriate compensation for helping a friend move because a) he did not, in fact, help very much at all and b) he’s already taken at least four times the value of what you agreed upon.

I was an adult at the time but still quite young and naïve.

Our sex life was quite passionate (and kinky), but retrospectively I find that period of my life icky, to say the least.

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When my ex and I were alone in the cab of the truck, he yelled at me until I broke down in tears. I understand he’s an ex for a reason, and shame on me for bringing him around (I was completely caught off guard by his greed).

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