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Last July Kim Kardashian's lawyers filed a suit against Old Navy for using a model in ads, named Melissa Molinaro, who looked an awful lot like Kimmy.(Molinaro was also dating Reggie Bush at the time, a former Kardashian flame.The ladies even share the same ethnicity – both are of Armenian descent. Lilit is also a bit of a duckface fiend, littering her social media with sultry selfies on her own and with her daughter Briseis.Reggie and Lilit started a bit of Kardashian drama when they married shortly after Kim and Kanye tied the knot – but their wedding in San Diego was attended by Kim's half-brother Brody, who awkwardly didn't show up at the Kardashian-West nuptials in Italy. has anyone actually seen Kim and Lilit in the same room together?Since then, the two global superstars have gotten married, had two children, warred with fellow artists and celebrities and built a legacy as entertainment's ultimate "it" couple.They've done it all together with an us-against-the-world attitude that lets you know the love is real.

The 27-year-old professional ballroom dancer, who married Bush last year, rocks the same big eyes, pouty lips and raven locks as Mrs Kardashian-West.Brody Jenner may have been too busy to attend his step-sister's wedding last month, but he cleared the decks to attend her ex-boyfriend's nuptials.Reggie Bush tied the knot in grand style -- though still short of Versailles -- at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego ... We guess Kim may have been done with Kris — but Kris clearly wasn't ready to let go of Kim.He needed a ~transition~ girlfriend before he could go back to dating models. When he finally settled down, it was with Lilit Avagyat — who also bears a striking similarity to the reality TV fam.

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