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Spread from the initial Brisbane infestation led to a number of small outlying infestations around the greater Brisbane area, including Ipswich Logan and Redlands.

Isolated infestations have also been found in the Scenic Rim, Gold coast and Lockyer Valley areas of southeastern Queensland (Queensland Government, 2003)been aided by humans via the shipment of infested articles such as nursery potting media, sod, bales of hay or soil.

It breeds and spreads rapidly and, if disturbed, can relocate quickly, ensuring the survival of the colony.

(2004) determined the potential global range expansion of is a social insect that forms colonies in soil or other suitable media.

However, under laboratory conditions, they can be cultured with no media (Banks et al., 1981).

After mating, it appears queens are attracted to reflective surfaces such as trains and trucks, where hundreds of mated queens have been collected (has been introduced into parts of Australia, North America and onto some vulnerable island ecosystems including islands in the Caribbean (Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands) and the Pacific (New Zealand) (; Korzukhin et al., 2001; ISSG, 2010) and has the potential to colonize numerous other regions.

Based on precipitation and temperature data and temperature-based predictions, Morrison et al.

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