Sallie mae not consolidating

Before you consolidate, consider the following pros and cons: Note: Just remember, you must continue making payments after submitting your application until you receive notice from your servicer that underlying loans have been paid off.

You have the option to select the servicer of your choice (of which, Nelnet is an option) After your new Direct Consolidation Loan is complete, you may still add more eligible loans to your existing consolidation.

This time I would ask myself if I were really ready to learn and apply myself and if my degree really was applicable and sustainable in an uncertain global future.

My family was working class and could not help me in any way.

In 3 years they paid off ,000 of my student loan. Well, the rules were that they would only pay principle, not accrued interest. Not only that, but I had to pay taxes on this forgiveness - and due to a mistake by the Army, ended up owing ,000 to the IRS upon my discharge from the Army. I was proud to serve in the military for my country, but it just seems wrong that I had to risk my life and go through hell in order to pay for an education. My student loan payments are more than 50% of my take home income.

The job market for attorneys is not great even when times are good but in a recession, it is nearly hopeless.

How are you handling your college loans, and how are lenders handling you?

This is the question we asked our viewers and visitors to answer, and the response was overwhelming.

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Here's a taste of what some had to say about their situation: "For over a decade, I have suffered under almost constant harassment.

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