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You're having the same problem as all men are having who aren't white.

But, in my experience, having an African American appearance, white women seem to be the most reasonable group of women to try to date or become friends with; I'm mixed race, actually; I don't think white women have that much trouble with Asian men, but I have a fetish for Asian women, and found out that Asian women are now starting to give Asian men a hard time; that was a surprise, but, in my own experience, I had already noticed that Asian women were tending toward white men some time ago, so that was not a surprise.

My 18 month-old baby cousin is living proof that white women do indeed love that dark meat.

I couldn’t find any research that was remotely reliable.White men, in America, are the norm: Asian men are too passive and black men are too aggressive (purely going by stereotypes which people really believe in) while white men are just down the middle as neither too passive, nor too aggressive.Honestly, I struggled to come up with a negative stereotype for white men and still haven't thought of one.I don't know if it's just my stereotype but in fact yes, one of my friends said so but someone said no. There is a finding or stereotype that Asian men have problems dating all sorts of women, but this also goes for Asian women against Asian men in specific.Asian women tend to polarize towards white men, just like all races of women, except with the possible exception of African American women for obvious reasons.

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