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You need to be knowledgeable on restraining orders & active in your defense to be successful.

One thing you should NEVER do after a restraining order has been filed is to attempt reconciliation with your wife.

He did not attend church regularly, but he knew the Lord and it was reflected in his values of honesty, generosity, kindness and compassion for others.

He was also a lawyer, and he took his job seriously.

Spaeth In today's political climate, divorce has become a cottage industry & one result has been a huge increase in the filing of false restraining orders in divorce cases. If you are in this situation, you must learn how to beat a restraining order if you are to have any future contact with your children & save your reputation.

This article will get you pointed in the right direction. The road to defending yourself is full of pitfalls, any one of which could land you in jail!

He was the life of any gathering and enjoyed seeing and visiting people.It is a way to get quick custody of the children WITHOUT a hearing (yes, this CAN happen! It is a way to maximize alimony & child support payments.There are two key concepts you need to master in order to learn how to beat a restraining order: 1. As stated in the intro, divorce has become an industry.He strived to provide the best ethical and fair representation the law could provide to his clients.He spent many hours researching and drafting documents to best represent them.

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