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Il Buco has been around for a few decades, but it’s still extremely romantic - like a Nicholas Sparks novel printed on white chocolate, read aloud by Colin Firth.

Either way, here are our favorite spots for general date night excellence.

So if you want someone to think that you’re at least a little bit cool, take them to Karasu.

It’s a Japanese restaurant and bar hidden behind another restaurant and bar in Fort Greene - and while you could call it a “speakeasy,” it doesn’t have any of the pretension of most places in that category.

If date night rolls around and you realize you have nothing planned, don’t panic. It’s a French-ish place in Greenpoint, and it typically isn’t too hard to get a table here.

The dining room feels like a nice bistro that you’d find in Paris (which is typically a good thing for date night), and there’s a lot of sidewalk seating for when the weather is nice.

Rentals are available for reasonable hourly rates through the Loeb Boathouse.

Here's a list of some of the top picnic spots in Central Park.

The cocktails are different, the food is great, and the space is intimate. Let’s say you have a somewhat important date, but you don’t want to eat at a place with white tablecloths and servers wearing nicer clothes than you. It’s a modern Italian restaurant in Nolita, and it has pretty much everything you want from a date spot: excellent food, a wine list that will help you choose something good even if you know nothing about wine, and an upscale atmosphere that isn’t too stiff.

It can be tough to get a table last-minute, but you can always stop in and try your luck at the bar.

Sit at the bar, order pasta and some excellent, well-priced wine.

And then sit back, and let the service and the vibe carry the evening. Why do Australians keep opening cool restaurants in New York? Dante took the space of a famous old Greenwich Village cafe (also called Dante), and turned it into a fun, casual, extremely useful and impressively tasty restaurant.

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As for the food, it’s good enough to keep you happy, but not so mind-blowing that you’ll forget to talk to each other. We like slice joints, but if you try to bring a date to a place like Joe’s, he or she might be slightly disappointed.

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