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“If I have somebody who's fighting at 125 [pounds] and they come to me and say, 'Hey George, I'm at 145 right now,' we'd have some serious problems,” says Lockhart.

“You're losing like 10 or 20 percent of their freaking body weight.

It’s not the worst of weight cuts—former welterweight (who can weigh no more than 171 pounds on weigh-in day) champion Johny Hendricks walks around at upwards of 200 pounds—but for someone with such a low bodyfat ratio already, it can be particularly frightening.

He strategically maps out a daily meal plan, which includes lots of carbs and protein, although it's different for each fighter.

One of his longtime clients, Dustin Poirier, recently made a memorable return to the lightweight division at UFC Fight Night 63—largely thanks to his improved diet. “As little as 3% dehydration equates to a 30% decrease in performance.

And that's just on fight day—a fighter's journey to fight day isn’t complete without going through weigh-ins.

And as any pro fighter will tell you, the dread of the scale can be worse than any opponent.

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