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May the “Jewels of Jah” be revealed to you through the Gift of the Rastafari way of life.

18 My child, from your youth choose discipline, and when you have gray hair you will still find wisdom.

It can also be an Excuse Plot for pointless titillation. One might expect Aliens Made Them Do It to be the Sci Fi counterpart, but in fact that trope is much Lighter and Softer, often played for laughs or a light-hearted Ship Tease.

It is he who will give insight to[e] your mind, and your desire for wisdom will be granted. Rastafari is a daily celebration of African Roots and Culture.Rasta are “called” to carry “the light” of Jah Rastafari, and to deliver “the message” of this way of life to others. That he is very loving, forgiving and very powerful.By this we can see that to embrace the Rastafari way of life is a responsibility and commitment of the heart. Rasta “know”that Jah created heaven and earth, the first man and woman, Adam and Eve, and he parted the Red Sea for the Israelites.22 For wisdom is like her name; she is not readily perceived by many.23 Listen, my child, and accept my judgment; do not reject my counsel.

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30 Her yoke[c] is a golden ornament, and her bonds a purple cord. 35 Be ready to listen to every godly discourse, and let no wise proverbs escape you.

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