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A manager explains that shopping malls are the only place in Riyadh with a mixed-gender social scene dominated by women.

This limits women’s access to education, jobs, gyms and parks, Abdulrahman says, who considers segregation of the sexes “a waste of money” and “racism.” Abdulrahman, wearing a tee shirt and a bulky skull-cap, says that women, who make up half of Saudi society, are missing out on what little entertainment there is in Riyadh, hidden largely behind veils and closed doors.

Like most places in the popular dining district, it is for men only.

If Saudi religious police drive by, it could be bad for business.

The girls, 15-year-old Bassama, 17-year-old Selma, and their sister, 27-year Amani and her daughter, say the changes in their society, coupled by the maintenance of traditions, keeps them safe - at least from strict parents.

Their parents allow them to go out as many nights as they want, says Selma, as long as they are veiled and refrain from contact with boys.

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