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Internet companies knew in which part of the world people are wasting time on what??

solution,,, clean this society from mullahism and neat and clean people like Quaid e Azam should become our leaders.

She was abused for five hours then, and the boys didn’t let her go anywhere, and they plucked every part of her body, and then left her senseless in the hotel room.I dont think this is Islamic country where 5 million mullahs preaching day and night but results are horrible ,,,,, Pakistanis are biggest porno surfers in the world, first ten in corruption, first in the terrorist activities, first in sectarian violence and killing.How many more awards we want to win on the name of Islam.Sehrish, a 14 year old girl from Rawalpindi was raped by three boys in a hotel in Murree for the whole day and then she was lucky enough to reach to her home through police.She lost her dignity and went through hell because she was a careless net surfer.

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if victim of rape want justice from so called civil or shariat courts than she has to provide three witnesses to the court.

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