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AFTER THE MARRIAGE, THE US CITIZEN MAY PETITION THE TAIWANESE SPOUSE FOR A K3 MARRIAGE VISA.ALTERNATIVE TO MARRIAGE ABROAD: Instead of the above procedures, it is possible to file a K1 fiancee visa petition for an alien to enter the United States as the fiancee of an American citizen.Marriage in Taiwan is a relatively simple process for foreigners and local nationals alike.Taiwan law requires that both parties be legally free to marry and the marriage be performed in an open ceremony before at least two witnesses over twenty years of age.Most foreigners are married at a Taiwan district court.A court fee of NTDOL 200 (about .00 in US funds) is charged. A sworn notarized statement of eligibility to marry, which can be notarized at any (AIT) is also required.

Now I am working as a human resources manager in a foreign company. Foreigners must present their passport to the court.Local nationals can present their identification card.The Metro website also has added features such as a schedule of events, restaurant articles as well as dating advice.Metro Date’s messaging service keeps a person’s email address confidential.

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