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Being Smart (as opposed to being smart) becomes a reason to stop growing or exploring, except in ways that support the idea of I Am Very Smart.They’re also far more likely to use their intelligence (perceived or otherwise) as a club; they are SMART therefore they are right therefore SHUT UP. That identity often leads to a lot of belittling comments, condescension and looking down one’s nose at people… (This also tends to correspond with You Tube channels involving multi-hour rants full of verbal flack and little actual content of substance.) Cultivating your intellectual curiosity, on the other hand, means that you are engaging in the world around you.Even if you’re going to skip deodorant, remember that the places where sweat pools collects bacteria that’s going to make you smell gawdawful… If you’re going to want someone spending some facetime near your junk, you don’t want unzipping your pants to be the equivalent of opening the gates of Mordor.If you’re going to be dealing with swamp-ass, consider some talcum powder to keep things dry.There’s a reason why “sexy hobo” isn’t a thing outside of If you’re planning on leaving the house, take the time to work on your grooming. Jordan don’t look like that just by rolling out of bed. Then no matter how amazing you may be as a person, they’re not going to want to talk dirty to you.

One of the things that trips people up regularly is that we mistake being attractive for sex-appeal.

It continues to boggle my mind how many people pay next to no attention to how they smell.

Trips to the mall, to Whole Foods, even to the bookstore reveal that there are some people who seem to think that radiating waves of stench like Pig Pen is going to repel people like nobody’s business. If going to bed with you means that someone is going to be dousing themselves with eau du pitsweat, they are going to disappear like a Shiny Magikarp. Alban complained that the Vikings were busily fucking their way through the local women, attracting even married noblewomen to be their mistresses. Because unlike the local gentry, the Danes However, fixing your stank-ass isn’t about replacing one smell with another.

Well, that means you can make yourself into that sexy love machine you’ve always wanted to be. One part of your presentation – and one that I always see nerds struggling with – is in clothing.

Style and fit make an astounding difference when it comes to being sexier.

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One of the mistakes people make is that they assume that overwhelming their own natural “musk” with other scents makes things better.

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