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Two of these officers received formal reprimands, but authorities took no further action due to insufficient evidence. Some members of the Trafficking in Persons Prevention Committee, the national coordinating body, reported distrust of law enforcement within the population.

Legal and undocumented immigrants from the Caribbean region, notably from Jamaica, Guyana, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, as well as from Southeast Asia, are most vulnerable to trafficking.

An anti-trafficking taskforce responded to 10 suspected trafficking situations, provided emergency relief, and informed the immigration department about 10 new victims.

The gender affairs department funded victim services and continued to offer assistance to victims, such as counseling, health care, shelter, food and clothing, assistance to communicate with families, travel arrangements, and assistance with employment, work permits, and immigration relief, through an referral process.

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The acting commissioner of police issued two directives ordering police officers to cease working at strip clubs; two officers were suspended for violating the new policy, but later were reinstated.

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