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“Like, what are you all saying to each other all secret-like?”) Part of Slack’s impressive command over an office’s culture can be explained by how it gets there.Trendy open-plan offices are infamous for their cacophonous din—they were originally designed to get workers across the office to strike up conversations that hopefully lead to innovative collaborations—but the Slack headquarters are “crazily quiet,” Butterfield says, because all the chatter has moved online.In ’s New York office, managers sit in offices around the perimeter while the rank and file linger in the middle; while bosses are free to convene closed-door meetings, it’s hard for underlings to have a private word unless they physically leave the premises.It’s painted in a prep-school plaid pattern with a jellybean color scheme.) and enjoy a related GIF (like Homer Simpson spinning his office chair around and around in a nuclear power plant).When the College Humor offices first discovered the Giphy feature, late one Friday afternoon, they couldn’t stop summoning GIF after GIF, leading to “the most nonsense traffic jam ever,” says College Humor writer-director Paul Briganti; the company ultimately made its own Giphy channel to prevent the tool from totally derailing actual work threads.

When my friend Thomas, a 28-year-old designer, started work at a tech startup in San Francisco, he found that the office had customized its Slack to execute an elaborate hazing ritual.

“I don’t have much of an emotional connection to Slack,” Blumberg tells me.

“I use it to order lunch.” (“I don't know shit about Slack.

Last year blogger Beejoli Shah started to notice a curious new artifact populating her social media feeds: screenshots of office chats, mostly taking place in an upstart workplace communication tool called Slack.

At first Shah failed to see the appeal of sharing a few lines of water cooler conversation among co-workers that, more times than not, appeared basically unintelligible to outsiders.

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First, they programmed Slack so that “anytime I said anything, it came out as a GIF,” Thomas says.

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