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Danny Tidwell was on Broadway and of course Mark [Kanemura]is traveling with Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Eliana just talked to me like 3 weeks ago — she was our prima ballerina last year that won — and now she said “You’re not gonna believe what I’m doing — I’m traveling with Taylor Swift!” To have another career after she’s had a career is just so interesting, and they’re just so excited that other doors have now opened up for them.“Could be our first wedding of the show,” host Cat Deeley noted. ” Murphy, with tears in her eyes, said she felt like a “weird proud parent.” Lythgoe praised the couple for sharing their story, and Hudgens said, “It’s so special when art gets to reflect your personal life.” Check out the videos below!“So You Think You Can Dance” may be in its 10th season, but judge Mary Murphy is having no less fun in her job.For instance, in mid-August, Sieve and Roldan received a standing ovation for their Broadway routine. But by the end of the month, they were back in the judges’ good graces. You’re like the tour guide from Soddom and Gomorrah, for god’s sake.” And in addition to impressing during her weekly numbers with Roldan, Sieve also proved to be one to watch during her solos, and when she did group performances or duets with fellow contestants.Mary Murphy was visibly choked up afterward, and head judge Nigel Lythgoe told the pair, “You’re the couple to beat, I can see that.” That was extremely high praise. had Lythgoe exclaiming, “Taylor, I thought you were this young, quiet dancer from Minnesota. Now for the penultimate episode and the last stage of the FOX competition, she had to perform multiple times over the course of two hours.Shortly after, Sieve and Roldan did their final performance together, for which she chose their Travis Wall contemporary routine from the very first week.After a standing ovation, Mary Murphy told her, “I’m so happy you picked that number, because if you didn’t pick it, I was going to pick it for the grand finale.” She went on to gush some more with tears in her eyes.

[Laughs]Are you sending any contestants on the hot tamale train this season? I certainly put a couple contestants on that train during the auditions, which is rare.I would say a good half of [this year’s contestants] are probably 18 — people that we’ve never seen before, and they’ve just been waiting for the day [they can audition]. One of our guest judges this year is gonna be t Witch, who was one of our past contestants, and he’s engaged to Allison Holker, who was another one of our contestants.So many of them say, “I started when I was 9, dreaming about the day I’d be on ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’” It’s starting to be like a rite of passage for some dancers, because they are very marketable after this and our past dancers have been very successful. I think they’re really our first wedding, even though they weren’t on the same year — they met each other and did a lot of gigs together and fell in love and it’s just really the coolest thing.Then, for the final dance of the night, Sieve and Ishimoto showed off their real-life romance with a romantic contemporary performance.They openly kissed during the routine, and the judges gave an ovation.

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I think one of our executive producers is even gonna be marrying them!

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