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Am still on episode 10, am i the only one who bothered by the fact that the crown prince was falling for ra on while he still think he's a boy?In ep 8 he clearly wants to confess to hong, and then felt relief after he saw her wearing dress.While I was watching this film I was excited,laughed and enjoyed. I can't help but to shout how good actress she is from the very beginning bow to you ! I really, really hate Korean dramas and movies where woman disguise as guys, and every guy has to act as if he's ignorant that the sexy gals are males.

Due to a love letter she wrote for a client, she meets Crown Prince Hyomyeong (Park Bo-Gum).

Until now, I can't decide if I should watch another kdrama or should I wait for its season 2.

I really can't move on in this kdrama so please give us season 2.

I thought that he knew all along from when she hid her hair piece under the books after her solo dance, but apparently it was never the case.

I do love the drama tho, apologise if someone hurt by my comment.. Can't take my eyes off the prince, he is so charming,handsome and masculine.

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