How are attractiveness and dating relationships correlated

As individuals get to know each other over time, romantic impressions rely less on the objective and more on the subjective component.Thus, a person who is objectively less appealing (on the basis of physical features) may become subjectively more appealing (on the basis of personal characteristics).

The average length of the relationship across all couples was over 8 years, though some had dated for only 3 months while others had been together for more than 50 years.

By contrast, partners who had known each other for at least 9 months before dating showed only modest signs of assortative mating.

It may be the case that physical appearance is less important to some people, and that those people choose to wait to cultivate a romantic relationship until they know someone well.

The objective component is immediately obvious, and drives perceptions of physical attractiveness — at least initially.

The subjective component of romantic desirability, on the other hand, derives from characteristics that are revealed over time and may have a more unique appeal, like sense of humor, creativity, loyalty, and moral character.

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