Quick response in fashion supply chains with dual information updating

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The author sincerely thanks the guest editor for his kind invitation to contribute to this special issue.

He also thanks the three anonymous reviewers for their kind and constructive comments which led to major improvement of this paper.

In addition to employing a faster delivery mode, QR can be achieved by local sourcing (instead of offshore sourcing).

This paper analytically studies how a properly designed carbon footprint taxation scheme can be imposed on a QR system to enhance environmental sustainability via employing a local manufacturer by offsetting the probable higher total logistics and production costs.

By examining both the single-ordering and the dual-ordering QR systems, we illustrate how the carbon footprint taxation scheme affects the optimal choice of sourcing decision.

Moreover, our simulation studies reveal important managerial insights regarding how demand and cost uncertainty affects the profits, the risks, as well as the global outsourcing and quick-production decisions of supply chain firms under competition.

Quick response (QR) system is a well-established industrial practice in fashion apparel.

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