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Then along came online dating, which suggested a less mystical view of the matchmaking process.Dating sites offer the lovelorn access to millions of singles just a few clicks away, plus proprietary algorithms to help narrow the field to a shortlist of candidates for the ideal mate.“There is always going to be some set of variables that work,” he said.“That is a classic flaw of bad science.”) Finkel is fan of Tinder, because it does a good job of solving what he refers to as dating’s “easy problem” — getting daters more dates — without pretending that it does anything else.

“They have set themselves up with an impossible task: They assume that they can take information from two people who are totally unaware of each other’s existence and determine whether they are compatible.

And people are terrible at figuring out what they actually want in the first place.

Studies of speed dating have shown that the people daters reported interest in frequent don’t actually fit with their outline of an ideal match.

The company’s measurement of success is whether it can stimulate more “four ways” — conversations in which each potential partner responds twice.

As Ok Cupid’s site puts it: “We don’t claim to evaluate you perfectly, but we do claim to find someone who claims to fulfill your claimed requirements, exactly.” But there is little proof that what people like online corresponds to what they like offline.

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