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The sitcom currently ranks as the second-longest- running show on in prime time, behind "Murphy Brown." It is one of only 20 comedies to last past 200 episodes."Family Matters" has not only outlasted other shows, but it also became the focus of an intense bidding war this spring between ABC, where it previously aired, and CBS, its new home.But without critical acclaim and a closetful of trophies, the show has chugged along, winning its time period eight years in a row. Most importantly, it is watched by the young, which makes the show a hit with advertisers."It may not have snob appeal, but it's a show you can watch with your family," says Moonves, who nurtured the show in its early days when he was president of Warner Bros. "And it's just plain funny." "Family Matters" is such a favorite of Moonves that he was moved to take a good-natured potshot at rival ABC during the recent celebration of the 200-episode landmark.Steve Urkel, the jerky neighbor with the hiked-up pants and oversized specs, was supposed to be on just one time, but he was such a hit with the viewers that he was invited to become a regular cast member. Jaleel White, the fifteen-year-old who plays Urkel is a very talented actor.In real life, he’s about as far from a nerd as you can get.

He is presently finishing film school, where he continues to pursue his other passions in life: writing, producing and directing.

Jaleel is a California native, born and raised in a suburb of Los Angeles.

Jaleel’s dad Michael is a dentist, his mom Gail, a housewife.

" For what Jaleel did, in creating his loveable nerd-next-door, is become just about the hottest kid on TV.

Urkel is an unlikely hero not only to youngsters all over, but to the show Family Matters itself, which he pretty much single-handedly saved from going off the air.

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There, he was spotted by an agent and signed up immediately.

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