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Around 2006, after reading “The game”, he decided to finally take his dating skills into his own hands got heavily into self improvement, and seduction.

Sasha spent thousands of hours chatting up beautiful women in the UK, Europe and overseas.

Maybe you remember that with my 23 years I look more like 16-17. For me the most important thing is to see my own personal development.

Two years ago I was an insecure and depressed young man without any success with women. I believe that every young man needs a mentor who guides him on a way to success with women and in life.Instead of repeating myself I want to express my gratitude by sharing an e-mail with you that I wrote to him a couple of months ago.Sebastian here, the German guy who took a bootcamp with you in November 2012 in Oslo and who also attended the direct dating summit in Berlin.I know I thanked you guys a lot for starting a change in my life but I feel like thanking you again.I sit here in bed in an Apartment in Warsaw with a beautiful girl lying next to me.

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