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She took my face in her hands and started slowly and deeply kissing me.It was so tender and sweet, maybe the most GFE session we've ever gad.I said mb cim, guy before me cip she said my yobo they all use condoms, lmso big time. Told her 5'8 125# long hair, long legs, real C, pink nipples, asked again who, told her but junk fuck, bad BJ, no cim, no cip, only long Dfk, long 69, now she getting piss, whoooo, what AMP? Well then I told her (LOL MY WIFE) lmso, she cracked up crying, said I get you for this. Down to business started lfk, Dfk, hot Dfk, thinking Fricking mondo better have use the hat LOL, turn to 69, when she started backing that two and a half ton (Sami) back into my face, the top one is winking, the bottom one is smiling, shit WTF I going do, well I put my tongue in the bottom one and my nose in the top one, fuck she let one lose I'm dead (gas chambers).Then I told her I can't lie to you, I had sex with another women, she said who! One more, she alway tell me I have the softest tongue and full lips, well before I see her what I do I put steak tenderizer on my tongue, clothes pins on my lips to puff it up, she crack up, told her she should tip me for all my comments joking.

Whether you’re living in Tokyo or you’ve timed your visit well, you should check out a Sumo tournament at least once.She tightly gripped the ends and pulled it tight around my ass, as she dropped to her knees and started licking my balls and shaft. When I say "pulled me into her mouth", I mean all the way into her mouth!When she got me to the point that my knees were shaking, she tighrnrd her grip on the towel and pulled me into her mouth. Only one other provider has been able to take me all the way and that was only a couple of times! Paula has give me a million DTBBBJ's but always an inch or two short!You may have read a "bad review" I gave her awile back. She sucked junior so hard that I thought my head would cave in! For reasons beyond my control, I have not seen Paula in a month!When I finished convulsing, she laughed and said, "Well, you got your blowjob! Well, I saw her yesterday morning and believe me she made it worth the wait!

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