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To my shock & horror I can feel my body building towards an orgasm and am helpless to prevent it!My captor continues to work my body until I have no choice but to cum.I thrash my head from side to side trying to resist what I know is coming next, but it is a useless gesture.My head is grabbed & I feel something pressing down against my forehead until I cannot move it at all.As if to emphasise that I've made the right decision in moving across to the other side of the world, my case is one of the first to appear and I'm quickly on my way through customs and into the terminal.I've already arranged to stay in a hotel for the first couple of weeks so that I can look for a suitable apartment and have hired a car.My face is hot with shame as I feel the fingers leave my clit & pussy.My body is lifted once again & I feel something wide & thick secured tightly around my waist.

There is a lurch & a vibration and I suddenly realise that I am in a vehicle, most likely a van and now I really panic as it hits me that I've been kidnapped & stripped naked!

The fingers at my pussy continue to slide backwards & forwards for a while before they move away.

I sigh with relief but it is short lived as I suddenly feel my breasts being grabbed.

I moan as my captor finger fucks my exposed pussy but am helpless to resist.

I feel his other hand on my clit, rubbing & pinching until it swells.

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I've arrived in Australia, ready & eager to start my new life down under.

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