Microsoft dns reverse lookup not updating

Each primary and secondary name server should be declared through this record.

This allows you to funnel requests through a select group of secondary servers, such as your Internet service provider's secondary name servers, and to hide the details of your internal network from the outside world.

You can also specify that the primary server should notify secondary name servers when changes are made to the zone database.

To do this, follow these steps: Restricting access to zone information is a security precaution you may want to consider using on your network.

To restrict access to the primary zone database, follow these steps: Dynamic updates allow DNS clients to register and maintain their own address and pointer records.

This is useful for computers dynamically configured through DHCP.

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so i manually tried to add it using "ipconfig /registerdns". I was also reading something on scavenging, but that will only fix the old entries that will deleting but I'm not sure about actually getting the correct entries to begin with.

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