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As of 2009 he was active at age 85 and enjoyed sailing with his wife Carolyn. Associate in Mathematics, Columbia University, New York City. Collector and contributor of European slide rule scans for the ISRM galleries. His work on understanding Charles Babbage's calculating engines is Allan Bromley's greatest legacy.The Italy gallery is comprised mostly of his collection . The October-December 2000 issue of the IEEE Annals of the History of Computingwas dedicated to him for the quality of his research on this subject.

By delaying the publication of his work to 1620, Bürgi lost his claim for priority in historic discovery. K&E experienced its most rapid growth under his presidency. Used a 5 inch FC addiator model through RAF radio school, Bachelor's ( Agric. André's wife, and business partner was Angele Charvoz (1900-1982, died Clifton, New Jersey). It was intended to facilitate measuring the dimensions, superficies, and solidity of timber. ASEA Vasteras, Sweden/Paris, France (now ABB) 1962 - 1964. Gunner and his son work together in GKE doing analogue/digital equipment for steel and paper works. Began collecting after retirement and now has over 400 slide rules. Began as an assistant professor of electrical engineering at Lehigh University, then Eshbach was hired to aid in student recruitment and placement for AT&T and MIT (1925). The principal manufacturer of these slide rules was W. Stanley Hall of London, who possessed the necessary dividing engine for such an undertaking. It was the first product to launch the Gerber Scientific Instrument Co. Several of his inventions are on display at the Smithsonian Institution. (Yale University Press, 2015) Werner Girbardt - Greifswald, Germany. Shares the 2009 OS Award with Werner Schmidt for organising four international science and technology symposia at the Ernst Moritz Arndt University in Greifswald, for setting up the Rechentechnische Sammlung museum collection which includes an information rich on-line catalogue of the slide rules and other calculating instruments from the collection. Louis has helped with hosting past East Coast Meetings of the Society. In 1623 he published a description of this scale that is composed of two scales of the logarithms from I to 10 placed end to end. The slide rule incorporated many hydraulic pump and pipeline formulas. John Lionel Halden - ( - 1966) Manchester, England. Under his guidance, the company continued to prosper. The firm continued until it was taken over by the Ozalid Group at the beginning of 1969. Inventor of the Hannyngton Slide Rule used in astronomical computations. Since 2000 he has been a volunteer in the flight simulation group of the Cradle of Aviation Museum.

Henry took a personal interest in the company's fledgling slide rule line and with the help of an employee and German immigrant, Fritz Hammelburger, designed an innovative process for making inexpensive slide rules. Though based on the expired patent of Dempster's Rota Rule, last built in 1948, Boykin improved the slide rule with better materials and scale arrangements.

One change was dividing the scales using decimal degrees rather than minutes and seconds. He owned Boykin Electro Tech and in 1991 founded the Whitby/Brewer (Yacht) Association. Author of many early slide rule instruction manuals for the Polyphase (1924) and Polyphase Duplex (1938, 1944, 1954) slide rules for the Keuffel & Esser Company. Australian historian of computing who became a world authority on many aspects of early computing and was one of the most avid collectors of mechanical calculators.

His studies of the Antikythera mechanism led to the first working model of this ancient analog computer.

Allan Bromley was an associate professor at the University of Sydney.

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