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If the specified field contains one of the following values, then a built-in image is displayed in the cell that matches the meaning suggested by the value: cd. Figure 13.40 shows a grid demonstrating these images Manually Populating Grids The last aspect of grids you will look at is how to create grids from data other than query results.The CFGRIDROW tag enables data to be manually inserted into a grid.This attribute can specify an absolute URL, a relative URL, or the name of a query column containing U~Ls.For instance if in our employee examples you have a template called employee deta i 1s.

The CFGRIDUP DATE tag makes the job of processing multiple changes by a user easy but it has some limitations: • It is designed to update a single table.More complex grids may be built out of a query that draws data from multiple tables.CFGRIDUPDATE cannot update all these tables in a single tag.• CFGRIDUPDATE is not ideally suited to handling changes that are likely to cause errors.””’hen an error is encountered, all updating stops leaving some changes made but others undone without any determine the state in which the data in the database has been left.

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However because the grid will be manually populated no query needs to be specified: In this case the NAME attribute doesn’t specify the query column to display but rather specifies the column name for use after the form is submitted and it is necessary to process the selections in the grid.

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