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The show will also stir a longing for your squad (if you’re caught in motherhood/career and your teenage years are a hazy blur).

The web-series created by the immensely talented Rakhi Mutta and edited by an equally competent Kiran Rai (lead actor/Anarkali) presents a vignette of a young desi woman’s life in North America.

So far, has become an Internet hit in over half-a-dozen countries around the world with some 20,000 You Tube subscribers and 650,000 views.The organizers asked her to collect two other delegates from Brampton. The radio lay silent and as the car ate up the miles, the three women forged a solid camaraderie. Watching Kiran’s mannerism reminded Rakhi about something or rather someone. To save face, Rakhi prayed for a minimum of 5,000 hits, but she was taken aback because the views exceeded her initial estimates. An unscrupulous Facebook user scrubbed the credits from the pilot episode and uploaded the film through his Facebook account and disseminated it.The film spread like wildfire garnering some 32,000 hits, but no one on earth knew who had come up with the brilliant idea and the credit for the film becoming viral went to the thief. The well-fleshed and complex character was Rakhi’s own creativity at work.” This line of introspection led Rakhi to learn the nuances of photography.Shout out to her friend Natasha Daniel, who schooled her in the basics.

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