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The material is revealing, but not more so than the author's ultimate conclusion: (Louis Sanders; 2002; Serpent's Tail)This writer is French but lived in the UK for many years and has chosen to set his mystery escapades in the British community in the Dordogne.

So far, he has actually produced three novels with this setting, this one plus , all written from the point of view of a British expat and all available in translation.

We had to leave this challenge up longer than usual, to make sure we had time for you to write all of your amazing entries (which had the added bonus of making sure you all, and some of us, had time to focus on your real finals and then enjoy the summer! -KKI Brooke Have you always dreamed of attending the Disney School of Imagineering? This past fall, we've been giddily working to open the KKI Disney School of Imagineering Online (aka KKIDSIO, but that's a bit of a mouthful).

)Your entries blew us away, and made me wish I was an Imagineer; I wish these attractions were real! And we've got great news, by being a part of KKI, you've automatically been accepted!

It covers everything from the aftermath of the war in Algeria and the beginnings of the European Union to the more longstanding cultural traits like the French obsession with diplomas and why the country is run by (David Downie; 2005, re-printed 2011; Transatlantic Press)As our reviewer Anne Jacqueline described: starting from the time when Paris was but a sandy island between two branches of the Seine, inhabited by ferocious fisher folk - the Parisii, Downie will guide you through Paris places and people, mixing the present, geography and history. There are many ways to read this book, but on your sofa with a good cup of tea or a glass of wine is a good start. Expat explainers (Polly Platt; Reprinted in 2004; Culture Crossings)This is possibly the most well-read expat title for incoming Americans and with good reason, if only for its explanation of why the French don't smile.

This book is a great way to discover Paris, whether you already know the city or not. The late author offered cultural seminars to top-level expat executives and some of the advice is not applicable to everyone—you may well not need to know the etiquette for being invited to lunch at an embassy.

Preparation is key, and you never know what you might learn. -KKI Brooke made us laugh with their spot-on characterizations of both the Keepers and the Avengers.

The first assignment is already up, so go take a look! Fantastic job, both of you, and to everyone who entered.

He covers here everything from the first major strike by France'sacross trying to decorate a Christmas tree with guirlandes of bulbs, to his wife's delivery of their second child in Paris.

-KKI Brooke for their fantastic original stories building on actual details in the park. A quick note before we begin: Many of these challenges deal with actual locations in the Disney parks. Google is full of blogs and maps, photos and videos, so there's no need to miss out just because you don't spend as much time in Walt Disney World as the Keepers.

Even if you do go to the parks every week, take some time to do your research.

The popular tourist attractions are not forgotten, but the city is also seen from a human point of view. But its general tips for disciplining yourself to read the "cultural codes", its overview of French behavior and a wealth of expat anecdotes make it still the seminal introduction to life in France.4.

; but while that book was a best-seller in English and French, it may not give you too many practical tips unless you're a British male on the make in Paris.

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