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1887 - 1935 (Not inclusive) Includes a resolution calling for the construction of a library building (1903), catalogue (1887), annual reports (1888-1935, not inclusive), and treasurer's reports (1896, 1904, 1907, 1908).1917 - 1950 Annual and monthly narrative, statistical and financial reports of Albany County Social Services (1920-1931), Matron and County Home(1943-1950), Public Health Nurse (1943-1973), Welfare Director (1943-1950), and Ivinson Memorial Hospital (1917-1942).Administrative entries patients admitted to "contagion ward," recording name, date of admission, date of release, age, disease and name of doctor.1951, 1963 - 1968 Correspondence, resolutions, and programs between state and local agencies on civil defense in Albany County.Information includes date of filing, grantor, grantee, character ofinstrument, and a reference to the book and page where the document was recorded.

Included are County Attorney opinions, correspondence from state officials on county assessment rates, hearings on personal valuations, copies of ordinances from the City of Laramie on tax levies, petitions for rebates of taxes, correspondence on tax levies, state imposed levies, and 1909 proceedings of the Wyoming County Assessors.Also includes community shelter plan (1968) and draft of operations plan (1967).1926, 1932 Inventory of number, kind, and condition of furnishings and supplies in 1926 for Klonda School, Jelm, and in 1932 for the Clerkof District Court, janitor, Sheriff, County Agent, District Court, County Superintendent, Assessor, and Clerk.1893 - 1938 Assessment schedules determine the value of personal and real property for tax purposes.Tables list name and address of property owner, legal description of property, number and value of personal property according to various classifications, value of real property, total value of real and personal property.

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Beginning in 1887, the assessor also obtained personal data for use in the selection of jurors, noting occupation, age, residency, nationality, age, literacy and size of family. Information may include name of owner, value of lot and improvements, date of construction, legal description or property, house number, street name, improvement value, percentage of depreciation, outline of buildings on lots, names of grantors and grantees, type of instrument, and date of transaction.

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