Who is jared leto dating now

, which starred fan-favorite single mother Emily Maynard.

Arie, a professional race car driver who is the son of Indy 500 champ Arie Luyendyk, had an immediate connection with the blonde bombshell, making it all the way to the final two before Emily chose to be with Jef Holm.

A Pop Socket gives you more to hold onto while you use your phone, reducing the risk of everyone's biggest fear – the dreaded screen smash.

A good time to use a Pop Socket could be when you’re working your way through a busy crowd while texting, taking a selfie in a non-carpeted room, or filming an angry protest where Kendall Jenner isn't there to calm things down.

(Arie did make an appearance in the premiere to offer Sean kissing advice.) star.

The pair only dated for a brief time, but the relationship caused quite the stir in Bachelor Nation, given the two men had hung out a few weeks prior, with Ben tweeting Arie was a "rad dude." Oops.

But just moments after stepping onto the world-famous beach, the covered up star found himself mobbed by fans.

The person to break the news that it would be Chris handing out the roses?However, the grip doesn't really count as a big trend.In this sense, the fur bag charm is its true trend progenitor.All the signs are there for Pop Sockets to have similar success – they’re cheap, popular among celebs, have a funny name, and come in a wide range of colours and shapes. You may have already noticed phone cases getting bigger and more extravagant, with more and more people opting for big rubbery Totoro faces, silicon french fries and giant Stella Mc Cartney lips.Like fidget spinners, they also tap into our desire for things that are fun and can repeated in different variations This makes them very similar to memes, which helped drive the popularity of spinners earlier this year. The most obvious predecessor to Pop Sockets however is the smartphone hand grip, which the author has spotted in the hands of New York’s trendiest and clumsiest citizens.

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