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He becomes a genius, and this extends into his work with the Yankees, as he tries to teach Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams how to hit home runs. ” – Bernie Williams Episode: “The Boyfriend” (Season 3, Episode 17) The plot: In Part 1 of the episode, Jerry meets Mets star Keith Hernandez and yada yada yada, Hernandez breaks plans with Jerry to ask out Elaine.They go on a date, which goes well, but in the car at the end of the night, he has to mentally psych himself up to muster up the courage to kiss Elaine. I'm a baseball player, dammit.” – Keith Hernandez Episode: “The Millennium” (Season 8, Episode 20) The plot: The Mets want to hire George away from the Yankees to head up their scouting department, but they can’t offer the job to someone still under contract.Isn't that a line you hear from almost any man who has been dating women? Elaine and Jerry are having this hilarious conversation, after Elaine informs him that she is dating someone.George Constanza simply echoed the feelings of a billion men around the world. She feels that people can figure out just by looking at her that she is on a date. They like it when nice guys look after their needs, play equal partners, and be supportive.

After repeated failures at failing — including streaking in a nude bodysuit and wiping strawberry juice all over a Babe Ruth jersey he’s wearing — he is usurped by his boss, Mr. Best line: “So you want to go out with a final blaze of incompetence.” – Jerry Episode: “The Letter” (Season 3, Episode 21) The plot: George, Elaine and Kramer are sitting in the owner’s box at Yankee Stadium. This is America.” – Elaine Episode: “The Opposite” (Season 5, Episode 21) The plot: When George realizes that every instinct he’s ever had is wrong, he starts doing the exact opposite (“Nothing’s ever worked out for me with tuna on toast”).With that in mind, let’s look at the top 15 baseball moments in the show’s illustrious history.MORE: The best baseball moments on 'Cheers' Episode: “The Boyfriend” (Season 3, Episode 18) The plot: In Part 2 of this storyline, Kramer and Newman tell Elaine the story of why they hate Keith Hernandez, the spitting incident after a Mets game.He hits a water line, sending the keys and a ton of water up in the air. The character had appeared during a number of seasons; first as television executive interested in George and title character Jerry Seinfeld's television pilot, then as George's on and off again girlfriend who was a lesbian for a while before ending up engaged to the mean spirited character.

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