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Geesh people, can't a woman make a sexy music video these days without being subjected to the Spanish inquisition? In August of 2010, Shakira was snapped exiting the same Barcelona hotel as popular Spanish football star Gerard Pique, who apparently was not registered for a room.

Local tabloids reported that the duo had spent two nights together, though at the time, both were engaged to be married to other people.

Tongues were wagging when the Shakira was spotted sharing dinner at the W hotel in Barcelona with Spanish tennis hottie Rafael Nadal while shooting a music video.

When the super steamy video for Shakira's single, "Gitana," dropped, the tabloids went nuts once again.

In papers filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the sexy judge from “The Voice” says she’s a self-made woman, and that he should get over himself — and her.Even “though he lacked experience or knowledge of the music industry,” Shakira said, “in 2005, at his request, I decided to involve (de la Rua) in some matters relating to the business” because he “was unemployed.” The pair had been dating for a year when de la Rua first fell on hard times and moved in with her.When de la Rua’s father “was forced to resign as president of Argentina at the end of 2001, plaintiff, for his own safety, became self-exiled from Argentina and he became unemployed,” Shakira said.When confronted about the rumors, Shakira told press, "It’s funny how the newspapers want to see you married, and then see you divorced.Emerging reports that Shakira and fiancé Antonio de la Rua’s split may have been prompted by his dragging his feet to have kids when she was ready to be preggers is no surprise to one relationship expert we asked to help us decode what may have gone wrong in between the singer and her Argentinean fiancé.

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