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The zygote can also be implanted into a woman who didn’t originally supply the egg, as this is how infertile woman can get kids.However, occasionally, if the woman loses most of her fertilized eggs through miscarriages often, the doctors performing this procedure will take multiple eggs out of the woman and fertilize them, to increase the chances that one of them survives.This is what caused the split, as Suleman wanted kids but her husband didn’t want to be part of the unnatural procedure.He says that he isn’t the father of any of Suleman’s kids, but he wishes the woman known as Octomom good luck with her future endeavors.In extreme cases, all of them may survive, resulting in an unnatural amount of babies birthed.

At first, she publicly stated that she did not use public assistance to achieve this crazy feat, but a few years later during an exclusive NBC Today show interview, she admitted that she did use public assistance.The newly fertilized egg, called a zygote (you didn’t forget that from biology class, did you?) continues to grow inside a Petri dish for a few days until it is ready to be implanted into the woman’s uterus, and a successful pregnancy has begun.You may be wondering why the public got mad, or why a whole investigation was launched.But before we get into that, let’s take a look at Octomom’s past.

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