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you don’t see every Akuma taunting cause Tokido does it...

You did effectively end their careers when you left Busted… Since I was five I’d dreamed of playing Reading Festival, and when I did [with Fightstar in 2005] we got s**t thrown at us and people telling us to f**k off. The first two years were very difficult and I had to work my arse off to change perceptions.They didn’t want it to end and I was taking it away from them. I felt bad, but I was like: “This has to happen.” I think they understood my struggle and what I was doing was for the right reasons. How did you feel when Charlie was asked about a Busted reunion and he said it wouldn’t happen in a million years?For them to act in the way they did is absolute testament to their wonderful characters. I think people expect there to be this crazy rift between us because of the things he said.Suddenly everyone knew who I was and I was uncomfortable with that level of fame. I wasn’t really in a fit state of mind to be doing anything with my career. It’s still something that I work on, and I think about sobriety every day. We went snowboarding in 2005 and I think that was the first time she was like: “F**king hell, this guy is out of control! She’s f**king amazing and stuck with me the whole time. It must have been a very difficult time for you both… There were times when we thought we couldn’t carry on any more. It wasn’t something I wanted to do because I had my second solo record [Long Road Home] coming out. There are bound to be people who say it’s different, but I left the band because of musical differences, so it would be very strange 10 years later for me to be back making the same music.It influenced decisions I made because people get in your ear telling you to do this and that, and you f**king say yes. I was in a dangerous and very dark place in my life, so it was a bad time to be writing songs and putting records out. I can’t allow myself to go near anything that is a danger, so it’s constantly on my mind. I don’t take anything because I’ve learned that I don’t behave the same way as other people. I say little things to myself or to whoever the f**k I’m talking to like: “Please keep me sober today.” Every single night I say thanks for keeping me sober today, and that’s something I’ve done for eight years. I’m 100% happy now – I couldn’t be happier if I tried – but I know if I put a drink inside of me then something changes in my chemical make-up and I become a different person. I’ve thought about it loads and it f**king drives me crazy! Unfortunately it was always down to me as it was always my s**t f**king it up. But the biggest thing was the way they talked about music, because we were polar opposites when Busted ended. It’s an amazing journey because I had big issues trying to get away from the whole thing. I’ve never really talked about the depths of how much it got to me. ” The mountain I had to climb to get where I wanted to go made me resent Busted.

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Their easy camaraderie is a world away from their shock split over a decade ago when they were nearly fighting for real.

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