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She was 22 years old, dark black long hair, petite with very nice C-cup breasts and light skin a real knockout to say the least and Im not being bias.

We had talked about swinging from time to time and she would always answer with typical lines like, I would never or I only need you but somehow she always seemed to get more turned on after our discussions.

Im not sure if she was more excited or nervous about having that inside of her but either way it wasnt long before he pushed her head down she was giving him a blowjob.

She was never much of a blowjob woman but Rick wasnt going to take no for an answer and I think she wanted to really impress him and didnt want to seem prudish.

I think she realized what was going on quickly and didnt want to ruin her fantasy come true.

I could tell he wasnt going to take this slow because he had already pulled down her top and was sucking on her nipples while his hands were lifting her skirt.

At this point Rick was taking off his shorts quietly and I couldnt take much more.

Rick was laying on the bed rubbing his cock through the shorts and I was gently kissing her and fondling her right in front of him.

I turned her around and started to rub her breast from behind so I could see Ricks excitement.

One night I asked her if she would ever have sex with someone she felt attracted to if she knew for a fact that it would not affect us and would not get me upset.

She paused and at that moment I knew she wanted to be with another guy.

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