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Multi-friend-chatting aside (you only see four people on the screen at a time, so it's not too overwhelming), oo Voo is a full-featured app that also offers voice calling and instant messaging.

Voice calling between oo Voo contacts is free and unlimited, but if you want to call regular numbers (both cellphones and landlines), you'll have to cough up some cash for oo Voo credits.

Getting started with Tango is a snap--you don't even have to enter a password, just your phone number (which is already populated), email address, and first name to create an account.

Tango offers video chat, voice calls, and instant messaging, but only with other users who also have verified Tango accounts.

It’s as simple as making a regular phone call, or sending a text message.

It’s so simple my septuagenarian mother-in-law uses it to answer video calls from her grandchildren.

Another neat oo Voo feature is the ability to upload an avatar photo and a status update, which your oo Voo friends will see in their contact lists.

Tango-- i OS, Android, Windows Phone 7.5 Tango is one of the most popular third-party video chat apps, and it's not difficult to see why: It's incredibly simple to use.

There are also improvements coming for Siri, the Apple Pay service, and the user interface, as well as a new driving mode..Credits work for calls to multiple countries (see a full list here), and rates start at around 1.8 cents per minute to the United States.Instant messaging is always free and works even when you're in the middle of a video call.We tell you how those events will shape the future of digital communication, and how they’ll affect your life.Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll send you a weekly update on the latest trends and what they mean to your world.

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