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He said that there was a woman on his game that had "feelings" for him. After a few attempts, he admitted that he has feelings for her and that they had been talking for about 4 weeks. He keeps telling me he loves me and that he is not going to throw our marriage away on a "whim", but at the same time he won't separate himself from her or stop talking to her. But I don't feel like it crushes him because if it did he would do everything in his power to fix the problem.

He says he needs time to "think about things" I finally just asked him flat out what this means.

Still other games allow you to upload or download player-generated content.

This is most common in simulation or world-building games such as .

These events became an intrical part of his life to the point where he was declining going out and doing social things so that he would not miss events or if he did go out or spend time with myself or friends he would always cut it short so that he could be home in time for his online events.

I was upset by this, and I spoke with him about it but I did not wish to sound like a nag, (it's not like I did'nt KNOW this is how he enjoyed spending free time in the past) I just became upset when I felt like it was impedeing on our real life.

I know he talks about me on the game all the time, all the players know he is married I have myself spoken to a few of them. ANd I am angry with him for betraying me like this. I am here because I truly need to feel supported right now..thoughts?

He has been keeping the computer room door closed, he has been using a headset so that I can not hear both ends of the conversation, his sleeping patterns have changed and he is up all hours and when I would walk into the room he would close up windows and become defensive. I walked into the room late at night and he became extremely upset. He asked me again, I refused and instead sat on the couch and said I was not moving until he told me what was going on. I asked him if he was talking to a woman and what was going on.For example, one player created a homeless family and maintained a blog about their misadventures, and then allowed other players to download these characters to let them loose in their own towns.The to Internet-enabled consoles is the ability to play multiplayer games with family, friends, or even complete strangers.These features are available on the XBOX 360 for a monthly fee, though chat is available for free.With the right accessories, the 360 and PS3 both allow for video and voice chats as well. The Nintendo 3DS has passive online sharing integrated into the hardware itself.

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This may sound unappealing, but playing against (or with) a real person provides a more interesting experience, as live players are usually more intelligent or less predictable than the system.

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