Vs 2016 updating intellisense

Please refer to our documentation for a full explanation of all of the multiple folder features: improvements to settings, our SCM experience, Tasks, Debugging and more.

To satisfy another very popular feature request, we added support to the File Explorer to show modified, added, conflicting, and ignored files in a different color and with a badge.

We hope you like it and the highlights include: Insiders: Want to see new features as soon as possible?

You can download the nightly Insiders build and try the latest updates as soon as they are available.

This feature depends on whether it is supported by the source code provider but it is already enabled for Git repositories out of the box.

With this new UI, you can not only review your code changes but also navigate, stage or revert them inline.

The suggestion list now includes all exported symbols in the current project.

Just start typing: If you choose one of the suggestion from another file or module, VS Code will automatically add an import for it. VS Code 1.18 adds several new Java Script and Type Script refactorings in addition to the extract method refactoring added in VS Code 1.16.

This was our #1 feature request - it's been a while coming but it's here now.Overflow with the Additional Views dropdown is particularly useful when the panels are docked vertically and have limited horizontal space.The VS Code logo for Stable releases is now blue again.When staging a file which is flagged as having conflicts due to a merge or rebase, VS Code will check for the standard merge markers (for example ) when spawning Git.Recommended extensions now display a badge to easily distinguish them from other extensions in a list.

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