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Michael, Sydney I much prefer the shape and style of Barbie to the Bratz dolls.Barbie the doctor, Barbie the surfer, Barbie the sports champion, Barbie the homemaker, Barbie the princess bride...So many parents find something wrong while the children just enjoy playing and pretending.Alma, Port Elizabeth, South Africa Perhaps Barbie should have more hobbies - like running instead of shopping.

But as Ken knows, a good body is no guarantee of happiness."Barbie's body shape and proportions are among the many things that play up to this 'thin ideal' which is ubiquitous these days," says Professor Janet Treasure, an expert on body size and image at the Institute of Psychiatry at King's College London."The promotion of dolls with such a body shape, and other things like size zero, have wider public health implications, like an increased risk of eating disorders." Human Barbie But one walking, talking "doll" says there's nothing wrong in wanting to be Barbie-like.Sarah Burge was dubbed the "real-life Barbie" by the press after having plastic surgery reportedly worth £500,000.She has run with the idea, making a lucrative career out of marketing herself as a life-size version of the doll.

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