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My buddy heard it and said not to even ride it again until I replaced the cam chain, for fear of skipping a tooth on the cam sprockets and smashing a valve into the piston.

I ordered this cam chain, a clutch cover gasket, and a gasket for the automatic chain tensioner (wasn't needed, but good to have anyway).

He lived with his parents in their restaurant and later became involved in Liberty City's criminal underworld, joining the mafia to follow on his father.

If you looking at replacing your cam chain get a good one like this, and you'll be set for quite a long time. I have since had one race on it and seems to be holding up well. this chain is holding strong after about 25 hours of hard riding.

Later, Toni works for millionaire and mayor candidate, Donald Love and fights the Forelli's in order to help the Leone's own City Hall while protecting Donald.

Donald Love is eventually found to be in league with Salvatore and Toni, which makes him unfit for the office in people's eye.

GTA: Liberty City Stories explores Toni's history and exploits in 1998, three years prior to the events in GTA III.

Toni left Liberty City and decided to lay low in a foreign country after killing a rival made man (presumably Forelli or Sindacco family) under orders from Salvatore Leone.

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Toni appeared in the game to be much thinner than his appearance in GTA III.

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