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But before I get into my crossdressing journey let me go over how I define some of the words associated with transgendered people and a few other ideas.I am not a psychiatrist or anything like that these are just my perceptions.I don’t think my mother bought it but the subject dropped.In my early teenage years I do remember wearing a bra at time out at night in the neighborhood.I even stole one of my sister’s bras and kept it his inside of my pillow.Who would guess (when I was real young) that mother would actually wash pillow cases. I was very embarrassed but quick thinking I told her I wanted a more padded pillow and that was the only thing I found to add more padding.She was having a party (maybe a birthday party) but only girls were invited. As I aged through my teenage years I still was trying on and even wearing my sister’s bras now and then and with my fatty chest tissue I would pull myself into the bra cups as much as possible.

I also remember a time when I was real young, maybe before I was ever in school, I had a crush on one of my neighbors that was around my same age.Last of all the terms and transvestite are used for males wanting to be perceived as females I do not want to exclude females that have gender identity desires.Although I do not know of any terms use for our female counterparts but I do know that in general terms such as a “butch” female or just a “tranny” (short for transsexual) have been used with our female counterparts.One thing I do know for sure is that even though there is very little acceptance of our inner feeling and desires, it is for more accepted now than when I was growing up.How nice it would be to go out all dressed up en-femme and not having to worry about if you looked good enough to pass as a female or if you sounded female.

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The fact that most of my life I have always been overweight I have always been blessed in the chest area.

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