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Oddly enough, we never really had any leads on the show. Melanie and Derwin were the identifiable characters on the show, but we’ve always been an ensemble.

ESSENCE: Their relationship seemed to be examined more than Malik’s relationships.

would be bidding adieu for good after the last two seasons, eight and nine, aired in the coming year.

The television show centered on Derwin and Melanie and their volatile relationship, which drew fans weekly.

ESSENCE: How did you find out they were no longer coming back to the show?

It all comes back around and it leads somewhere else in your life and you still have to deal with whatever the issue is.

Date Removed: 1st July 2016 Available for: Unknown Description: A pro footballer's life is hard, but it may be as hard on their women, as a medical student finds after leaving school to follow her boyfriend.

WENN Apparently, the bromance that is Hosea Chanchez and Pooch Hall has grown cold.

The “Game” star whom we’ve come to know as Malik Wright on the series recently revealed that his relationship with his former co-star has become quite strained since Hall left the show.

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