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The Venerable Bede thought that there were two Pictish kingdoms (which is supported),separated by the Mounth, a political boundary which runs from Drumochter in the west to Girdleness near the east coast, and that ' St Ninian' was the Apostle only to the kingdom of the southern Picts. In the little isle of Iona , on the west coast of Scotland , a well known Presbyterian college presided over by Colm, commonly called St. From this little centre of light, during the sixth century, missionaries spread over all Scotland ( including here in Shetland), carrying alike with them blessings of spiritual life and secular progress ] (2) (2) Book; Author: Robert Cowie; Title: Shetland Descriptive and Historical; Year of publication: 1874 The origins of our Shetland Christian heritage can be traced back to this Celtic form of monasticism which blossomed in Ireland in the 6th century AD, it then moved to the Iona community in Scotland,a community presided over by Colm, commonly called Columba.

Bede is a sound authority on Northumbria but some of his accounts of Scotland were based on hearsay and should be received with some caution, although he is still an excellent source of information. [The Monastic settlement centers which came into existence in Ireland during this period consisted of rows of small cells, each cell assigned to an individual monk, and adjacent to an 'ecclais' or church.

The bracketed [ ] paragraphs of text and the number (0) which follows it are referenced at the end of the event to which they relate. But there came a light better and brighter and nobler and more enduring than any that had emanated from either pagan or pseudo-Christian Rome.

[Although it is true that Columba is the most well-known Scottish saint and arguably the most important from Dal Riata, (Dal Riata was a Gaelic kingdom on the western coast of Scotland, 'then Pictland', and also included part of Ulster in Northern Ireland), he wasn't the first Christian missionary in Scotland. St Ninian's mission, which began among the Strathclyde Britons, was directed to the Picts who were the principal of all peoples of Scotland from Hadrian's wall to the Pentland Firth. That light was non other than the Sun of Righteousness.

The following, remembered in north Atlantic tradition (with some strange legendary accretions), is an extract from ‘Historia Norwegiae’, and says of ORKNEY, “These islands were at first inhabited by the Picts (Peti) and Papae.

The cowled figures are certainly clerics though not necessarily monks, and are probably the ‘papar’, a Norse word for priests or clerics, contained in the name of the find spot, Papil.

Prior to the arrival of the Vikings, Shetland was part of the ancient Northern British Kingdom of Pictland The Viking name for the Monks was Papae, it’s from this that we get place names like Papil, (Priest’s homestead), Papa, (Priests Island) and Papa Stour, (The great Island of priests). Repeated attacks from the islands brought retaliatory expeditions from Harald.

When he'd finally subdued all opposition, he set up the Earldom of Orkney and Shetland, thereafter Shetland was ruled by the Earls of Orkney as a very subordinate part of the Earldom.

This stone was found purely by chance in 1852 by a labourer digging a waste piece of ground near to St. This stone was apparently the memorial to the daughter of a Pictish Chieftain, Naddod, and is inscribed with ogham script which has never been fully deciphered.

These photos are of the replica stone placed in the Cullingsbourgh graveyard which is near to the site where it was actually found.

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