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In practice, this is done for two reasons: to increase protection against system failure (so that if one computer goes down, another can be put into service) and to improve the speed of database queries.Transactions: In the context of a database system, a transaction means the execution of several database operations as a block.Stored procedures (SPs for short) are generally used to simplify certain steps, such as inserting or deleting a data record.For client programmers this has the advantage that they do not have to process the tables directly, but can rely on SPs. Triggers: Triggers are SQL commands that are automatically executed by the server in certain database operations (INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE).User interface: There are a number of convenient user interfaces for administering a My SQL server.Full-text search: Full-text search simplifies and accelerates the search for words that are located within a text field.Almost all of the familiar large database systems (Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, etc.) are client/server systems.These are in contrast to the file-server systems, which include Microsoft Access, d Base and Fox Pro.

The default table format is called My ISAM, and this format does not support transactions.

If you employ My SQL for storing text (such as in an Internet discussion group), you can use full-text search to implement simply an efficient search function.

Replication: Replication allows the contents of a database to be copied (replicated) onto a number of computers.

We will use some terminology from the relational database world without defining our terms exactly.

On the other hand, the explanations should make it possible for database novices to understand to some extent what we are talking about.

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Thus, for example, it cannot occur that a sum of money is withdrawn from account A but fails to be deposited in account B due to some type of system error.

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