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By the mid-2000s, AIM has the largest share of the instant messaging market in North America with 52%. 1999 – Across the Pacific Ocean, Tencent Holdings launches its first successful app.

It’s called QQ, and it is initially a near-exact clone of ICQ.

2003: Skype allows Internet users to communicate with others through video, voice and instant messaging.

2005: Google Talk, available in a Gmail user’s window, is launched to allow easy communication between email contacts.

Families are more ethnically, racially, religiously and stylistically diverse than half a generation ago — than even half a year ago.“This churning, this turnover in our intimate partnerships is creating complex families on a scale we’ve not seen before,” said Andrew J.Cherlin, a professor of public policy at Johns Hopkins University.2006: My Space launches the first instant messaging platform built within a social network: My Space IM.2006: Market Snapshot (US Market) 2006: By this time, 12.5 billion SMS text messages were sent each month in the United States 2008: Facebook Chat is released, allowing Facebook users to message friends or groups of friends on the social network.

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