Egyptian sex chates

In art, sex is not usually explicitly detailed, though since much artwork was either in tombs or temples it can be argued that their sexual acts were not depicted so as to avoid their desecration.

Premarital sex between two siblings was strange, but it was not considered taboo.For example, King Tutankhamen is shown on a chest using a bow while his wife stands by his feet with an arrow at the ready; the verb “to shoot” in the Ancient Egyptian language also means “to ejaculate.” This is symbolic of the need to have sex in order to be reborn after death.Moreover, their religion itself was stepped in sexual themes, including the ithyphallic god Min.By putting Horus in the “womanly” or passive position, Seth would have elicited the anger of the other gods towards Horus.This does not come to pass, however, thanks to aid of Isis who helps her son keep Seth’s semen off his body and plots to turn the tables around, making Seth appear to be the receptive partner by tricking him into eating Horus’s semen.

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