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Love her or leave her." And oddly, he chose to love me.

I'm glad, but if I had to do it all over again, I probably would still play the mysterious jazz-loving vegetarian. I'm a Gen Xer – stuck between dinner-dating boomers and the "let's just hang" millennials.

It tastes like soapy licorice.)And what if you don't have any testimonials?

Does that mean you're unloved, unwanted or unfriendable?

If the relationship should last longer than a month, please feel free to set the record straight." Perhaps that seems harsh to you, but it was tempered by that Cold War chestnut—mutually assured destruction or MAD.

Mehr earned his master's degree and Ph D and later worked for NASA.If you have buddies like mine, they'll just pork up your profile with glowing nonsense.What are they going to say other than "Raina rocks! " Any truth-telling such as "Raina hates fennel" or "Raina's favorite band is Hall & Oates" would be strictly prohibited and would result in MAD. I don't care if it is a superstylish food additive.That you couldn't even create a pseudonym Gmail account for your mom to write one anonymously?Not to mention that if I asked any of my mates for a recommendation, they'd demand to see my date card. In between those two facts is an ocean of embarrassment.

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  1. ___In general I recommend against using software for starting a dating service. It may well be possible to get a dating service up and running for under 00, but that's only 1% of your costs.