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Frank had felt a subtle change of character as he took on the world of atmosphere, as a thing unto itself.

It was interesting to try to produce atmosphere directly, without tediously waiting for human life to create it.

It was in the minute town of Chalou, Louisiana, on the crumbling riverbend steps of a fallen- down indigo plantation house, that he met Gracie. She was brown-eyed, black-haired, five- four and carried a two-barrelled shotgun with big mule-ear hammers and a white ivory bead for a sight.

John Hilton La Bonte is accused of putting his girlfriend in a headlock on New Year's Day.

The victim told authorities she feared for her life.

In October, La Bonte was arrested on a charge of assault with a weapon after he allegedly threw a flashlight at the same woman. A 58-year-old Townsend man is jailed on a felony charge of driving under the influence.

A pair of kingbirds fought noisily across the stream.' It's a prose alive with images of modern life and the great outdoors.

The great outdoors, the big open sky, is the real protagonist, after all.

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