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I ran it with the RS232 interface initially through an external USB adapter. In the future I will build a little case, now I made quick and dirty noval and octal adapters to measure el84 pentode, ecc 83 85 88 double triode, and el34 6l6 6p3s.

With the internal USB board I installed the u Tracer just appears as a COM port when its power is turned on and everything works normally after that. I'm sure my u Tracer is going to be a very handy device on my electronics bench. Thank you from Germany Freddy Utsch 20th of July 2017, Andreas Neuffers u Tracer and especially the tube adapters are a remarkable piece of craftsmanship!

I downloaded the construction manual before I placed the order to become familiar with the u Tracer and how it is built.We're now in Seaford, not too far from Hastings, which you have visited.There was a considerable break for house renovations before I was allowed to construct my new workbench!It was nice to receive a proper printed and bound version of it with the kit.That's something you rarely see with kits these days. There were no problems installing the software or communicating with the u Tracer board.

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